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    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Upcoming: Noir City 8 

    San Francisco at the end of this month, Seattle in February. First warning: yours truly will be working the SIFF Cinema lobby. Also, I’ll be selling FNF goodies.

    Here’s the promo, featuring 2009’s Miss Noir City Alycia Tumlin and the man himself, Eddie Muller.

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    Just a little extra noirification: the bartender is Bill Arney. Not only is Arney "The Voice of Noir City" in San Francisco ... for the past 11 years he has lived in the apartment at 891 Post St. where Hammett lived when he wrote The Dain Curse, Red Harvest, and The Maltese Falcon. Bill, along with Don Herron, is the torchbearer for Hammett's legacy is S.F.


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