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    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    TV: Weekend Programming Note

    Watching nothing but baseball, reading nothing but research material. So this post is more of a heads up.

    The good people at TCM Underground will again be airing the bizarre, unavailable on video, split-screen serial killer film Wicked, Wicked at 2:15 AM Eastern Saturday, 11:15 PM Pacific Friday. Undoubtedly this encore is due to the overwhelming response to the post I wrote the last time TCM showed the movie. (That post actually is one of the most popular on the site, thanks not to my deathless prose but the photo of Anita Ekberg. Rowr.)

    Again, here’s the trailer. Set that DVR. Fortify yourself with strong drink. And behold the madness.

    Miscellaneous: Links

    During my travels I missed this AV Club interview with Patton Oswalt on his stint as programmer at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. Patton has excellent taste, and he and I are simpatico on Walter Matthau.

    There’s a special edition DVD of Capricorn One? Why don’t I have this?

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    Here's how much I love WICKED, WICKED! I recorded it the last time it aired and I just finished burning another copy in case anything happened to the first copy.
    It will take another month to get the theme song out of my head.


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