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    Friday, October 30, 2009

    Miscellaneous: The Most Terrifying 3:34 on YouTube

    Martin Scorsese names the eleven scariest movies of all time. Five horror novelists including Joe R. Lansdale weigh in with their choices.

    With all due respect, these people are rank amateurs.

    In honor of Halloween, I am again offering a combination of sound and image that will chill the blood and drive good men mad. It’s the closing three minutes and thirty-four seconds from Paul Lynde’s 1976 Halloween special.

    Watch the whole show if you dare, ideally through one of these. I accept no responsibility for what happens to you.

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    Yeah, but look at that glittering cast of stars!

    I heard that Roz Kelly was such a bitch that her behavior alienated the cast and crew of Happy Days. That's why Pinky Tuscadero didn't last long and got replaced with her sister Leather (Suzi Quatro).


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