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    Wednesday, February 04, 2009

    Memes: V For Victory

    No less an authority than Dr. Johnson said it: memes are the last refuge of the overworked. This one has been making the rounds at Facebook and Mark Evanier has done it, so I figure it can’t hurt to post mine here.

    The rules are simple. 20 questions. Each answer must start with the same letter as your first name. No repeated answers. If you’re tagged by someone whose name begins with the same letter, you can’t repeat their answers, either.

    1. Your name: Vince
    2. Four letter word: Vent
    3. Boy’s name: Vance
    4. Girl’s name: Vivian
    5. Occupation: Vintner
    6. Color: Violet
    7. Something you wear: Vest
    8. A food: Vindaloo
    9. Something found in the bathroom: Vileness
    10. A place: Verona
    11. A reason for being late: Vapors (the)
    12. Something you shout: “Visigoths!”
    13. A movie title: Vanilla Sky
    14. Something you drink: Vieux Carre
    15. A musical group: Ventures (The)
    16. An animal: Vole
    17. A street name: Vine
    18. A type of car: Volkswagen
    19. A song title: Veronica, by Elvis Costello
    20. A verb: Vivisect

    No tags, but if your name also begins with V, let’s see what you’ve got.

    Miscellaneous: Links

    OK, you deserve a little more than that. Via John August comes this post on the grammar and aesthetics of comic book lettering.

    Yahtzee may have outdone himself with his review of Little Big Planet.

    Speaking of video games, more fun Flash: The Visitor, via Paul Herzberg.

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    Okay, here's mine:

    Electric Blue
    Excuse Me!
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (The)
    Electric Light Orchestra
    East Sussex
    Everybody Hurts Sometime, by R.E.M.


    Thanks for the mention, and so:

    1. Your name: Paul
    2. Four letter word: Pass
    3. Boy’s name: Peter
    4. Girl’s name: Patricia
    5. Occupation: Painter
    6. Color: Purple
    7. Something you wear: Pants
    8. A food: Peanut butter
    9. Something found in the bathroom: Pubes
    10. A place: Paris
    11. A reason for being late: Puncture
    12. Something you shout: “Ponce!" (mostly at the TV when Beckham plays)
    13. A movie title: Pat Garret & Billy the Kid
    14. Something you drink: Pints
    15. A musical group: Public Enemy
    16. An animal: Panther
    17. A street name: Princes
    18. A type of car: Porsche
    19. A song title: Poor, Poor Pitiful Me by Warren Zevon
    20. A verb: Patronize


    Please, in the name of all that is holy, good, and true: Promise me you will run out into the street and shout "Visigoths!" as you wave your fist in the air like some crazy ol' zealot, next time we hang out.


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