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    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    Miscellaneous: The Missing Links

    It’s at times like this I think I don’t know how to use the Interweb at all.

    I’m working like a lackey from rise to set, sweating in the eye of Phoebus. I haven’t read/seen/listened to anything I want to comment on. (OK, that’s untrue. I want to rave about Joshua Ferris’ extraordinary novel Then We Came To The End, but I don’t have time to do it justice. So, for the nonce: read it.)

    You’d think I’d be able to throw together a post full of amusing links. Odd news stories, funny videos, bizarre items available for purchase. Only I seldom discover those wacky bits of detritus online. I visit the same handful of sites over and over, hoping they’ve updated. I don’t know where those people find their stuff. And I want to bring something new to the table. I don’t want to be the umpteenth person linking to the music video featuring that insanely cute polar bear cub in the German zoo because I happened to see it on The Colbert Report last night. Maybe I’m doing this Internet thing wrong.

    For now, I’ll steer you once again toward Vulture, the New York magazine pop culture blog now enshrined on my Links page. In fact, check out any place on the Links page.

    Mark Evanier says it’s an ancient Internet tradition for a blogger to put up a photo of a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup when he’s too busy to post. As I said, I strive to be different. So here’s a new VK.C tradition. When under the gun, I will post the video for ‘Crucified’ by Army of Lovers. A band consisting of my first wife, my half-brother Nils, and the guy who used to handle my landscaping. And I’m not talking about yard work.



    If you are a person who can appreciate, nay, promulgate both the awesome cuteness of Knut (and his theme song) and the awesome weirdness of Army of Lovers then you understand the Internet, buddy.

    Now get back to work!

    ~sound of whip cracking~


    I am extremely interested in your use of the word "nonce", Keenan. And by interested, I mean originally appalled (on Mr Ferris' behalf) that you would recommend a book solely to a paedophile, and then strangely ignorant after a quick Google on the word.

    This is all made better by the fact I now know the word "Unidexter" (as uttered by Peter Cook in the Tarzan sketch) is a nonce.

    You are, Mr Keenan, a far more literate man than I.


    Are we sure that the lead singer of Army of Lovers isn't Taylor Negron? Thanks for sticking this song in my head. And for recommending Ferris' book. That and the web site have me sufficiently intrigued. By the way - I like this Carlos Gomez kid already.


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