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    Monday, May 22, 2006

    TV: Sunday Ratings Report

    A prime boob tube day here at Chez K. We’re finally giving Unnamed Media Research Company some data to work with.

    5PM – 8:15PM Baseball: Yankees at Mets, ESPN

    The Mets never make it easy on themselves or their fans. But they won this game to take two out of three in the series. Keep it up, boys.

    8:15PM – 8:30PM The Simpsons, Fox

    The show is only a shadow of its former self’s shadow. But I wanted to acknowledge all of the entertainment it has provided me by entering it in my ratings diary. Plus, tonight’s episode featured one of those golf carts shaped like a baseball that I asked about recently.

    9PM – 10PM, Delicious Little Devil, Turner Classic Movies

    Once, Sunday at 9 belonged to HBO. But The Sopranos hasn’t been as compelling this season, so Rosemarie instituted pre-1950 black and white movie night. Makes for an easier transition into the working week.

    She was particularly interested in this 1919 Rudolph Valentino silent, making its world television debut. The Sheik only has a supporting part. Mae Murray is the star of this entertaining bit of fluff as an innocent young girl pretending to be a hellion so she can keep her job as a dancer.

    10PM – 11PM, The Sopranos, HBO (DVR)

    Delicious Little Devil was only an hour long. A strong episode that was a great showcase for Edie Falco – but also a reminder of how much Adriana is missed.

    11:30PM – 11:45PM, Robot Chicken, Cartoon Network

    I give you Darth Vader’s call to the Emperor.


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