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    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    Miscellaneous: New Year, New You, And By You I Mean Me

    The epiphany came in December 1999. Instead of knocking oneself out to mark the end of the old year, the key is to start the new one off right. So the focus of the festivities here at Chez K shifted from December 31 to January 1.

    We still enjoy New Year’s Eve, usually by taking in a movie (this time, it was Neil Jordan’s Breakfast on Pluto, which I enjoyed). And we’re always up to ring in the new. Thanks to the aftereffects of a big bottle of wine with dinner, we welcomed 2006 with Trader Joe’s cream soda, which looks just dandy in a champagne flute.

    Then we turn in at a sensible hour so that first thing in the morning we can head out for a hearty breakfast, accompanied by Bloody Marys. The drinks are essential. In fact, the hearty breakfast is really just an excuse. It’s my theory that setting the tone is paramount. Begin the year by treating yourself and only good things will follow.

    All I know is that since Rosemarie and I instituted our January 1 kickoff breakfasts, life has been on a steady upswing. In 2005, we had script sales, major promotions, and multiple TV appearances. Frankly, we could use a year off, but it looks like we’re both only getting started.

    As for 2006, I have a few resolutions.

    - Spend less time in the blogosphere. Things seem to be getting a mite dark out there. And political sites aren’t the only ones subject to the echo chamber effect. Pop culture blogs not only tend to cover the same subjects, but to react to and obsess over other posts on those subjects. I don’t have time to squander on that anymore.

    - Broaden my reading range. I watch movies from all periods in all genres, but when it comes to fiction I tend toward contemporary crime stuff. This year I finally got around to a number of books I’ve wanted to read for years – A FAN’S NOTES by Frederick Exley, THE FOUNTAINHEAD by Ayn Rand, MEMOIRS OF HADRIAN by Marguerite Yourcenar – and they were easily the most enriching experiences of my year. I want more of the same.

    - Order more obscure cocktails in bars.

    My thanks to anyone and everyone who stopped by to listen to my blather in 2005. Here’s wishing you health, happiness, and at least one Gibson in 2006.


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