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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    Miscellaneous: Karaoke-Dokey

    Thanks to the miracle of On Demand, I now have karaoke in my own home. Some random observations:

    1. It helps to have a few drinks in you first. Even when you’re at home and there’s no audience.

    2. Singing along with the radio in no way constitutes vocal training.

    3. The word ‘pitchy’ actually means something. I owe AMERICAN IDOL’s Randy Jackson an apology. I thought he just made it up.

    4. Songs from GREASE are now considered ‘Standards.’

    5. Thanks to the two girls who lived upstairs from me during my freshman year in college and who would play the soundtrack in its entirety seven nights a week beginning at midnight, I know every standard from GREASE. Including the spoken word parts.

    6. Any two people, regardless of vocal skill, facility with the English language, or amount of alcohol consumed, can do a passable Sonny & Cher. Even Sonny & Cher could do it.

    7. When the introduction says ‘in the style of,’ it’s not kidding. If you’re foolish enough to perform “Just A Gigolo” in the style of David Lee Roth, you’re expected to do all of Diamond Dave’s scatting and call-and-response.

    8. I did not require the prompts to do all of Diamond Dave’s scatting and call-and-response.

    9. Almost half of the selections in the ‘Specialty’ category are Irish. Thus proving what the poet wrote:

    For the great Gaels of Ireland
    Are the men that God made mad
    For all their wars are merry
    And all their songs are sad.

    10. Finding out that your significant other does a mean Ernest Tubb on “Walking The Floor Over You” is kind of a turn-on.


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